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Workers' Compensation

Climbing a Ladder

Sometimes you get hurt just doing your job. Maybe you fell and hit your head, tweaked your back while lifting a box, got in a car accident while making deliveries for work, or you have simply operated the same machine for 25 years and it has taken a toll on your body. Work injuries come in many forms. If you are an injured worker, you are likely entitled to compensation. That means your medical expenses and time out of work should be paid in the form of Connecticut workers’ compensation benefits.
If I can’t work, how do I make money?


If you cannot work because of a work-related injury, you may be entitled to benefits under Connecticut workers’ compensation laws. This, like everything depends on your unique circumstances and your work capacity. Worse, employers often deny all claims, regardless of the facts. That can leave you out of work with no income. However, if we can get your claim accepted later, you would be entitled to recover any benefits you SHOULD have been paid all along. Your case needs to be handled aggressively to get those payments started.

What if my injury is permanent?
The sad reality is that sometimes medicine can only heal you so much and you may not return to your 100% baseline health. Under Connecticut workers’ compensation laws, you may be entitled to permanent partial disability benefits in addition to any indemnity payments for work time missed. Make sure you are getting the right help as some facilities and doctors will not assess your permanent disability. We can help guide you so that you are compensated to the fullest.
The workers’ compensation system is supposed to be there to help you, but it can be confusing and having your legitimate claim denied can make you frustrated. You should talk to an attorney to see if you are entitled to benefits.

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